Excursion suggestions for an unforgettable day

It doesn’t matter if you’re travelling as a tourist or business person, everyone arriving in Frankfurt am Main who wants to spend a relaxing day full of joy. Therefor the Romantic Road Coach provides the best offer for you, a day trip by bus along the Romantic Road from Frankfurt am Main to Rothenberg ob der Tauber and back is purely recreative and relaxing

Unique landscapes, such as the romantic Tauber Valley and historic towns such as Würzbug, Bad Mergentheim, Weikersheim and Creglingen pass by the eye of the day-tripper. The highlight of the trip is certainly Rothenburg o.d.T., the most romantic city in Germany. You can enjoy all of this without being distracted by driving your own vehicle. The rides are community experiences. The bus driver is not just the driver of a car, he is an entertainer and answerer of questions in one person.

And last but not least, there is a strong argument for a bus trip. It is incomparably more environmentally friendly than traveling by car.

You can find even more interesting facts about the excursion offers at https://romanticroadcoach.com/online-buchungen

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