The bus

Romantic Road Coach today

With the commissioning of Germany’s oldest long-distance bus line, the buses along the Romantic Road have become a link and a calling card for visitors from near and far.

They run several times a week from Frankfurt am Main and Munich along the holiday route, where unfortunately there is no continuous rail connection. On the way from Frankfurt to Rothenburg ob der Tauber there is the possibility of a special tour of Weikersheim Castle, guests traveling north from Munich have the opportunity to visit Harburg Castle.

The day trips from Frankfurt am Main and Würzburg can be combined with a tasting of regional products from the Franconian wine-growing region:

A dry Secco is served as a welcome drink, a Müller Thurgau or Silvaner on the journey along the vineyards and a Domina on the return journey. All wines are dry, come from the Franconian wine-growing region and are served in bottles (0.25 l) and can also be taken home. All tours are accompanied by experienced tour guides who will tell you about the country and its people, have a few stories to tell and are happy to offer advice and assistance. Translated with (free version)

In addition to being in a good mood, we recommend that all guests take comfortable (and sturdy) shoes on board, after all, a tour of the city wall in Rothenburg is a must. For special groups of 4 people or more, there is the possibility of a daily departure in a minibus from Frankfurt.


An interview with Jürgen Wünschenmeyer

Wonderful experiences

Mr. Wünschenmeyer, how did you feel as a little boy all alone on the bus to Augsburg?

Great. My mother handed me over to the bus driver Charly Brown in Feuchtwangen. She told him that my grandmother would be waiting for me in Augsburg with her old German shepherd dog. I was allowed to sit in the front and felt like the »King of the Road«. From then on, I took the bus to my grandma almost every year.

Apparently the beginning of a great passion. Because you were already working as a bus attendant at the age of 16.

It was the best summer job ever. I told the bus passengers in German and English about the sights along the Romantic Road. It was good for self-confidence and good for general knowledge. I then gave a presentation on the Danube in the advanced English course, with a lot of background knowledge from my time as a tour guide. Even my teachers, who didn’t know me as a model student, were amazed.

You also dedicated your business administration diploma thesis to the Romantic Road …

When I was studying in Ravensburg, I chose to focus on tourism. My thesis was a guidebook for tour guides. It served as a guide for bus attendants on the Romantic Road for many years, in condensed form of course.